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  • Programmatic Buying Resources

    Has anyone used them succesfully?
    Are there any good ones to start testing with (low fraud)?
    Any guides out there on this?

    I would love to test out some of my mobile campaigns on there.

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    Ad fraud and low quality pubs are just so ridiculously prevalent in the programmatic space it's a cluster everywhere. Brands at large are finally becoming heard when it comes to the shit quality on these exchanges. Some of the RTB tools at Mediamath, etc are interesting, but I honestly think Google's big advances in this space are going to win out. Some of the new targeting based on owned file data is really, really cool. For both continuity and sales programs.

    We found it hard to justify paying platform fees to Mediamath / Appnexus when it was just so difficult to weed out the bad publishers. An Adwords whitelist goes a long way.

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but most of the programmatic platforms have been turning a blind eye to fraud for nearly half a decade now and you shouldn't allow them to steal your money.


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      I was thinking about giving Centro a try, but now I'm not sure


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        Anyone used MOAT before for fraud detection. How do you rate it?

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          I never had, but if you use it, please let us know how it is.