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How do I set up a merchant account for the US, from a different country?

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  • How do I set up a merchant account for the US, from a different country?

    I'm in New Zealand and want to sell in USD to Americans, and other markets for that matter.

    I was told by Braintree that:

    "In order to apply for a Braintree Merchant account out of any of these listed countries, your business must be located, registered, and have a business bank account all in the same country."

    Has anyone been through this process? Is it very difficult?

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    I think offers processing for New Zealand companies.


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      Thanks. But for New Zealanders wanting to sell into US in USD. I've asked but seems like I need to register a business and bank account. Has anyone gone through this process as an outsider? That Rdiogo.


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        Izzy stripe has a new program where they will set up the company for you.
        AFAIK, no one will give you a MID if they don't think they can lay hands on the money.. So you need a US Bank Account, also just to receive the funds.


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          Thank god! I was struggling to find a solution... On the wait list!


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            Bit late to the thread, but if you still need this, send me a PM, i can put you in touch with a broker who set up ours(europe based merchant, we take cc's in USD AUD NZD CAD GBP and EUR, our company is based in hong kong).


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              I have yet to a cc thread on any forum where an ISO does not eventually show up. smaxor can we get some spam clean up in aisle 1 please?


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                If it's high risk you can just talk to the high risk guys. I'm sure they'll have access and knowledge about how to get signers. As well.

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                  I'm no ISO. Been running ecommerce stores since 2009 charging in 6 currencies and not US based.