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$250-800k/mo just emailing your list

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    Someone was telling me you can backdoor it into mailchimp using zappier


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      Does it really work?


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        Originally posted by four99 View Post
        This is a great thread which reminded me I should start milking my own list.

        I have a list of 400k emails of super targeted prospects in desktop software vertical where 100k of them were actual customers. I have never emailed them. The list has never been synced to any email delivery platform such Aweber or iContact.

        I am wondering how should I start emailing them:

        1. I heard it's not allowed to upload single opt-ins list to any mailer. Most of them require a double opt-in list meaning I have to re-opt-in (asking customers to confirm they want to be hearing from me). Which email marketing platforms allow uploading single opt-in lists and not require to re-opt-in?

        2. Do I use my the original brand/ domain to email the list, or is it better to create a new brand/ domain for emailing? Pros for the original name is prospects already know the name, Cons they may have forgotten the name and mark the domain as spam, and spam status may flag the domain by Antiviruses when running media campaigns.

        1. It's not allowed only if you follow the wrong route.

        What you wanna do is for example use the Aweber pricing page to request bulk email pricing and then once a rep gets to you to discuss further, you:

        a. Let them know you're mailing whitehat on an in-house list

        b. The list has / will be cleaned by Neverbounce or some other service (but really you want to use Klean13 cos the others don't do as good of a job)

        c. Have them understand that this largely a customer database - agree to only mail the customer segment to start with... (Have the landers / sales pages / optin links available)

        They'll upload your entire batch file to the mailing server and you can proceed to mailing...

        It's in your best interest to mail the best performing segment first anyway. Particularly off pool IPs, if you want high engagement and don't wanna get banned...

        CAUTION: It's still out of your control whether your account can be clamped down or not, so perhaps make a weekly backup of all UNSUBS, OPENERS, CLICKERS so you can immediately port to another service should anything go wrong...

        2. Use the original brand domain. Especially the email handle used to send payments confirmation and updates earlier...

        You can re-set-it-up on a GSuite and that kinda helps with deliverability in the beginning...

        It's great that you have name data fields. So make your first week of re-engagement mailings hyper-targeted, relevant and entertaining...

        You should be good.

        I do this all day so if you got any question just post up here
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