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Mitchell - Affiliate / Software Engineer now focusing on Ecommerce & Clickfunnels

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  • Mitchell - Affiliate / Software Engineer now focusing on Ecommerce & Clickfunnels

    Hey everyone my name's Mitchell. I was a part time affiliate starting back in 2012. Launched some campaigns, lost some money. Never really focused on fundamentals and had offer and traffic source ADD. I launched an ecomm related offer in 2014 as my last attempt and it did extremely well, but I ended up competing with my dropshipper's sites and so they cut me off. Was very frustrating because the niche and angle worked really well on PPC.

    Anyways I left marketing and have been a full time software engineer for 5 years now. I specialized in iOS development, did a pretty successful startup but no major acquisitions or anything like that and closed shop after 2 years a few months ago. I'm now working as a full stack dev doing front end web dev and backend as well.

    I started looking at the current state of things and realized a big trend right now is ecommerce, shopify, clickfunnels and facebook ads. My goal right now is just to start simple and get back in the game. Currently have a general shopify store, clickfunnels on a subdomain, and some niche facebook pages. Going to run traffic to cf and see what I can make happen.

    I would love to reach $10k+ days with fb ads and I'm also very interested in display and native ads as well. Seeing the scale of the flashlight offers has been insane.

    I'm excited to be on this forum. Lots of good info and great people on here. I'll be running ads soon and i'm excited to share my progress and contribute as much as possible.