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Professional Linkbuilder goes all SAASy...

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  • Professional Linkbuilder goes all SAASy...

    As you can tell comedy isn't my strong point...

    I'm working with a business partner on our first SAAS. We used to have an agency and service a range of clients so I think we have a good handle on the needs of certain niche industries so we're looking to build out something to solve those needs. That's the product in a nutshell. As it becomes more real I'll share more details - it's very embryonic at this stage though I 'tuned up the band' on the coding side by building our own agency CMS and platform in Django so alongside a coding/development coach I hired I'm moving along with this second project a lot more quickly.

    Over the coming months I'll share more of what I'm up to (if anyone seems interested lol) and eventually (probably around when we have our 100th customer) I'll reveal all.

    All my businesses to date have revolved around some kind of content marketing and social media strategy primarily (going head to head with 20 year old SEO firms for the top 3 spots for 'linkbuilding' or taking on the big poker affiliate sites for 'rakeback' never appealed given the huge upfront cost and long lead time) so I've done everything from 'traffic leaking' to get poker affiliate revenue and sign ups to my private poker chat (back in the pre-UIGEA days) to Facebook ads and pushing out great/useful content in forums and private slack communities.

    So I expect I'll be taking the plunge into the niche forums, chats and Facebook groups in the industries we're targeting as we build out the product, making up a magazine site for the niche so we have a consistent platform (where we're the only advertiser... a bit like cheeserank was for ritz crackers) and attending some live events in the industries to follow a similar model bringing this to fruition.

    I'm hoping to learn lots here as I'm sure some of you are much further along with having launched all kinds of products, and I'm sure many of you have clickfunnels funnels that look a lot prettier than my attempts so far!