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BH Nutra Guy Goes WH eCom w/ Clickfunnels

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  • BH Nutra Guy Goes WH eCom w/ Clickfunnels

    Hey I'm Pete. Ive spent probably $2m on FB in the Nutra space over the past 15 months. $500k on Native. I live in St Barths in the Carribean. I love Tony Robbins, and anything personal development.

    I've transitioned to doing Clickfunnel + eCom and I love everything about it.

    My ultimate dream is to f*cking BLAST GDN and FB ($20k-$100k/day spends)(My current high score is $30k spend in a day on FB)with a whitehat eCom product without getting banned. (been through 90-100 personals in 2017 since writing this)

    I love the money, and I love this industry even more. Clickfunnels is amazing, the eCom opportunity is out of this world.

    I've built out a few clickfunnels so far with only a few hundred in rev generated. Gotta start somewhere.

    I am here to learn & contribute whatever I can. Feel free to connect with me on skype: egear.peter


    I am also starting a Clickfunnels/eCom mastermind and am looking for 4-5 guys with experience who wanna get on a video call once a week and throw ideas around to each other on how to make more $$$ with our funnels. Reach out if you're interested
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    Hey man, welcome, (albeit from another n00b here! nobody saying yo to us!). Sounds like you've got your shit together on Facebook. I'm just getting into ClickFunnels and testing it out on some digital products we've got ready to go but already I can see it's going to be a huge part of our plans going forward as I transition into eCom from just being an agency/service provider in the past. So easy to rip up a test and get something going out there!


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      Hi everybody. I was wondering if you would be willing to help out a complete noob to this whitehat space. Just seems like there is so much info out there , that its overwhelming to find the best way to start.


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        The video call thing still going strong?


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          Hi Pete, are you still running the business? How is it going? Could share a few insights and challenges into the journey?

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