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  • Mobile App for Shopify store

    Hi Squad,
    Is anybody using mobile app for thier shopify store?
    I am planning to build one with custom features and development. Shopify app store has many developers who provide mobile apps but they all lacks design aspects.



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    Sidh7 Im not using it but i guess it would be useful. Rather then go generic app - maybe target it at a specific segment of users that have specific requirements? Its gonna be hard competing in the app store with shopify and some of the more established apps.

    Checking out the reviews is always a good way of finding the stuff that people miss - but I guess you have already done this.

    Basic functionality is there in the main app, but main gripes with recent versions seem to be lack of features, lack of ipad support, etc.

    Are you sure building a shopify app is gonna be a good use of your time though? I know they always say that you should create products based on products your experiencing, but I am not sure app store economics will give you sufficient monitisation options to make a decent enough return for your time.


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      Tijn thank you for your inputs, I might give try to couple of shopify app developers who provide mobile apps instead of developing custom app for time being. But main problem with this app developers that they are not providing or allowing to add install tracking SDK (Appsflyer,Adjust,etc) into app as being SAAS products. For app scalability , install tracking is must.


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        Good point - tracking is essential but maybe I misunderstood your question then.

        I thought you were just looking to develop an App to manage your shopify account/store.

        But if your talking about tracking - are you actually talking about having an app to sell your products (using shopify) - in which case my answer missed the point completely.

        If so - then yes - I think developing your own app specific to your store - and integrating the tracking/OTO/funnel requirements you have - is a pretty good idea. As long as your market 1) has sufficient mobile phone adoption for the platform your developing on (iOS or Android), and 2) You can get people to actually install the App.


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          yeah I am planning to sell products on mobile app. Market is big but competition is fierce