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Stripe vs Braintree

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  • Stripe vs Braintree

    Clickfunnels integrates with both, so what do you guys prefer between the two?

    Was reading these:

    Braintree has Paypal integration and has this One Touch flow, really slick -

    Why are some of you using Stripe over Braintree?

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    I'm using Stripe integrated with Clickfunnels and it was very easy to setup. Not sure about Braintree but with Stripe my money is transferred to my business account next day.

    I asked Clickfunnels support a similar question and their response was that most CF users are using Stripe.

    About the One Touch Flow with Stripe I'm not 100% sure. I do know Stripe works very well with the OTO bump as long as it's not a subscription. The subscription limit on OTO bump is a CF thing not Stripe.

    In my funnel the user never leaves my funnel to go to a payment page like with Paypal. If you want to take a peek at my funnel you can see it at


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      I must say, I like your LP @1nspire

      Who's your designer?


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        Originally posted by eliquid View Post
        I must say, I like your LP @1nspire

        Who's your designer?

        Thanks eliquid.

        I used Click Funnels with this template.

        The images where done by me using screenshots then cropping the screenshots onto the placeholder images used by the template.

        I really like Click Funnels page builder. I find it very intuitive and easy to learn.

        The logo was a Graphic River cartoon guy.
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          One thing I know is that if you run high risk or whatever you can connect 3rd party MIds to the Braintree gateway. And that gateway connects to CF.

          You can't really load balance or rotate mids. But as I've said before I wouldn't use Cf for high volume traffic. It's pages load slow and user management is to tough.

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            Braintree can provide faster payments once the account is warmed up.


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              Braintree doesn't charge a monthly payment for processing payments either. It charges a commission for a transaction at the rate of 2.9% from transaction amount plus 30 cents per transaction. Braintree provides users with a special offer where your commission will be covered starting from $50.000 you processed. from
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