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Whats the best way to fulfill orders with ClickFunnels?

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  • Whats the best way to fulfill orders with ClickFunnels?

    Originally, I started off with a shopify site but recently jumped on the clickfunnels train and see that it's working out pretty well. Currently, I am just ordering the products off aliexpress and dropshipping for each customer. Is there a better way to fulfill these orders than to manually do it myself?

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    I've been using webhooks and throwing orders into a database. Then sending to a suppliers logistics system. It's a bit clunky and there isn't a huge amount of docs on CF webhooks. But it seems to work.


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      We us shipstation. It integrates with most fulfillment providers.

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        thanks for the recommendations guys, I will look into both solutions, but am leaning towards shipstation since it doesn't require us to create our own database


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          I'd go for shipstation if it meets your needs. I just had some weird customization I needed.