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Issues with Shopify & Clickfunnels?

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  • Issues with Shopify & Clickfunnels?

    Need to make decision on whether to invest in the above two for a new project. Main concern being time to invest in learning a new system, not so much the monthly cost.

    Reading through the forum shopify & clickfunnels are solutions most frequently used. But there are issues with both it seems:

    * click funnels great for rapid design & testing but shit for business as usual due to slow running speed and bugs
    * shopify overall great but not possible to do OTOs

    What are the other issues you are having with either of these two solutions and have you managed a work around with custom scripts or moved to alternatives

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    Ezra has a upsell plugin that works with Shopify. Can't remember the name but it's on his site

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      I did check for Ezra's upsell plugin but couldn't find it on his site.


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          Originally posted by kartem View Post

          Awesome. Thanks.

          What about speed issues with ClickFunnels - anyone found a solution to that? Ive seen some mention downloading the HTML and self hosting.