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    What are people using?

    I'm looking at Quickbooks Enterprise.

    I see a lot of good feedback on Intacct, but think it may be overkill.

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    We use QB Enterprise. Seems to do the job and most accounting people know how to use it. So there's not a lot of training if you hire the right one.

    That cost to train and get someone up to speed on a platform is very critical.
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      Yeah I think that's a big reason to use QB.


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        My stuff isn't that complicated so GoDaddy's Bookkeeping has been amazing for as cheap as it is...


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          I use Indinero for one business and Xero for another.

          Indinero is full solution including bookkeeping, payments and taxes. Pretty decent.

          Also heard good things about Bench for US businesses - like indinero I believe this is end to end service.

          Xero is just SAAS but very very feature rich. Only problem is when your business is legally in one country, for example China, but you want your accounts to run in USD. You can't - it is to be the currency of your business locality and therefore your USD based management accounts will show huge swings in currency gains and losses each month which makes it hard to get at a accurate view of financial performance without keeping manual reports. Recent improvements in reporting interface in Xero should make this easier but I have not played with those.

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