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  • Lets talk about Customer Service

    I've managed to avoid customer service for so many years since I was an affiliate marketer.

    Now that I have different products now, I find customer service to be essential.

    Here's some of what I've learned.

    1. For software I like HelpScout.

    Someone emails you. It goes straight to Helpscout, and you reply. The beauty is that it's 100% INVISIBLE to the customer. There's no "support" ticket mess.

    2. It takes a SPECIAL person to do customer service. You want to hire someone that LOVES customer service. Look for someone that's friendly, with a lot of empathy.

    3. Every contact is an opportunity for a sale. Have a link to a product in signature.

    4. I learned this from Tim Ferris. Set RULES & systems for handling customer service. Example let them make any decision that's under $100 without your approval.

    5. We use a LOT of templates. Bonus tip is to use textexpander. 80% of all emails are the same.

    Example I type ";th" and boom

    "Thanks so much for writing in. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with

    - Charles"

    6. We have different TIERS of customer service.

    You wanna get your low level CS people to filter everything first.
    Then there's a manager
    Then there's you if it HAS to be you.

    7. If someone's unhappy, you don't always have to give a refund. Can you give them store credit for their future? Instead of returning your shit, here's a $20 store credit, or 20% off next purchase.

    Any other tips?

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    Thanks Charles. This is some actionable stuff. Helpscout looks really good too!