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Need $50k+ to grow your product business?

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  • Need $50k+ to grow your product business?

    Summary: I'm interesting in funding a new venture.
    This may be a bit forward but I like the premise of this forum, so I thought I'd post this. My team manages a small fund that provides seed capital to help highly motivated/talented entrepreneurs succeed. We're existing entrepreneurs/investors with years of experience in the affiliate/advertiser/CPA space.

    If you have knowledge and skills but lack sufficient capital, we can potentially help. Inventory and marketing can be quite capital intensive for a high growth company. We also have existing human resources you can potentially leverage.

    You must have prior experience, be a nice person, and have a solid track record. If you're interested, please provide message me with a) Your resume b) Brief summary outlining why there's a mutual fit and c) At least two strong references. I'm highly selective so there needs to be a solid fit for me to be interested. My historical deal sizes have ranged from $100k-$1m. I'm open to verify it privately upon request.

    I'm using a screen name because I'm a bit private and I'm not into the guru business (I won't be asking you to run to the back of the room to get a fast mover bonus). We have several active ventures that generate millions or tens of millions annually. Occasionally, we do external investments.
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    Convertible debt? What kind of points? Interest rate? Personal guarantees?

    How's valuation of the company done on a typical Econ deal? Lead gen deal? I go product deal?

    Will you factor media?

    Etc etc

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      Originally posted by smaxor View Post
      Equity? Convertible debt? What kind of points? Interest rate? Personal guarantees?
      Thanks for asking this as I guess I should have narrowed down my criteria.

      Ideally, I'm looking to fund a new venture. So, both the founder and myself will split the equity. There will be an interest-free repayable loan. Yes, I do have existing ideas in mind; I want someone talented to run it. I have existing things to run so I'm looking to bring on a founder and provide them with capital.

      I've done everything from a pure equity deal (for a new venture) to a hybrid debt/equity deal for an established company. Yes, I will ask for a personal guarantee if there's debt involved. I would rather not state the terms of existing deals as the terms may change depending on the opportunity.

      Historically, I've just provided financing in rounds (seed capital and then growth capital) in exchange for pure equity. However, I've also done a hybrid deal involving both debt and equity.

      I'm open to being creative if it makes sense for all parties involved, but I've funded a tiny number of existing ventures.

      "Will you factor media?" I won't factor media because to make it worth it, I'd need to specialize and do it in high volume. I'd rather invest with a factoring company rather than be a factoring company. It would be distracting so I'd rather not do it.

      "How's valuation of the company done on a typical Econ deal? Lead gen deal? I go product deal?" I don't have a typical deal type and I've done a tiny number of external deals and only one was in this industry. Valuation, as you know, can be calculated in many ways but I am not really looking to buy an existing company. I am more looking to build something new.

      If the deal size is larger ($500K+) then I have fellow investors/friends who would help.
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